Around The World In 80 Days


International City Theatre
Long Beach, CA


"cleverness personified"

"The production …could daunt less able practitioners. Fortunately, director Allison Bibicoff and her playful performers attack their material with just the right blend of silliness and rigor, giving an impromptu flair to this precisely regimented staging – no mean feat."

"accomplished entertainment…“World” sets out to amuse & reaches its destination with time to spare"

LA Times, F. Kathleen Foley 

"One immediately recognizes the depth of character development and creative teamwork involved, due largely to the masterful talents of director Allison Bibicoff."

"The production is complete with spectacular, resplendent special effects; slapstick physical humor; and florid with authentic costumes of the era."

"an action filled ride, leaving each audience member at the edge of one's seat."

"It is quite the spectacle, entertaining and suspenseful at one, yet also filled with poignant, moral messages..."

"this show is a vicarious treat, for both children and adults alike."

"[ICT} transforms its stage into a whirlwind, epic, global journey with huge theatrical appeal."

"A 'Wonderfully Worldly Performance'"

Examiner, Bonnie Priever

"The superb, right on target Direction by Allison Bibicoff, kept pacing perfect, and was well-hailed. The flawless, hard working five (5) person cast drew a clearly worthy long/loud standing ovation…"

"a feat of notable capability -- and a winning entertainment success for audiences of live theater."

"We, the audience, are the true winners, getting a terrific ride…"

"clever, and done with fun…Wow!"

The Patch, Joseph Sirota  

"Director Allison Bibicoff has taken this madness of a play and presented it to its full potential.  Bibicoff obviously has a talent for directing and her presentation of this play could very well be remembered throughout the year and be in the running for many “Best of” lists. I don’t say this much, but this production is a MUST SEE. So head down to Long Beach and thank me later."

"this play has something for everyone."

"The entire cast is superb and their stellar talent alone makes it worth seeing this show.", Mickala Jauregui

     "This is one of the most enjoyable, imaginative and amazing productions you'll ever have the good fortune to witness. Not only will you be blown away by the five actors who play thirty-nine different characters and how well they do it but the staging is so clever and the dialogue so witty, you won't want this trip to end."

"...inspired direction of Allison Bibicoff..."

Will Call, Ingrid Wilmot


"theatre at its root…challenging & inventive theatre from fiercely dedicated & talented craftsmen…"

"ICT} serves up first rate productions like this one…"

The Huffington Post, Charles Karel Bouley  

"director Allison Bibicoff’s fast-paced staging is breezily funny."

"highly satisfying…"

Backstage, Eric Marchese 

"precise yet fun-loving direction of Allison Bibicoff, the play triumphs..."

"this cast is extraordinary."

"Take this trip around the world. It will create some found memories. Guaranteed."

Harry Saltzgaver, Grunion Gazette

"Director Allison Bibicoff has done such great service to Brown’s script…"

"ICT’s production clearly is a unique work."

"cleverly staged, given a true frolicsomeness by an adventurous cast.", Greggory Moore

"though tongue-in-cheek, Bibicoff's staging maintains complete fidelity to Verne, never lapsing into parody,  with even the slapstick humor kept to a minimum."

"director Allison Bibicoff's staging at International City Theatre is spirited, sparkling and wholly entertaining."

"a well-staged and wholly entertaining production at International City Theatre."

OC Register, Eric Marchese

"Thanks to Bibicoff’s skills and lighthearted management, this play charms from beginning to end...", Melinda Schupmann  

"Thanks to Allison Bibicoff’s astute direction... this is a trip well-worth the purchase of a ticket."

"as enchanting as Verne's novel and true to his 19th century sensibilities.... "

"a live visual and auditory treat, tailor-made for live theater"", Ben Miles

"a director of supreme inventiveness"

"this ever so imaginative production is likely to prove a critical and audience favorite"

"though best known as the Scenie-winning choreographer of The Who’s Tommy and iGhost among others, she now reveals herself a director of inspired ingenuity and flair."

"Mark Brown’s crackerjack adventure comedy under Allison Bibicoff’s inspired baton opens ICT Season 28 with quite enough theatrical fireworks to light up the Long Beach sky for weeks to come.", Steven Stanley

"Allison Bibicoff directs this excellent production...."

"You'd best see a performance of this entertaining and inspiring production..."

Signal Tribune, Vicki Paris Goodman

"succeeds in taking audiences to a whimsical place of comedic self-discovery."

'With a stunning five-person cast, as well as its unique use of props, improvisation, and special effects, this 
adaptation...guarantees a fun time."

"Get ready, get set for this magical journey across the globe. "

pLAwriting in the city, Melissa Gordon